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Forever is True by Novoneel Chakraborty (Book Review- 4.25*/5) !!!

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The book “Forever is True” is the 2nd book in the two book series where the 1st book was named “Forever is Lie”.  “Forever is True” starts right from where the 1st book ended and kept us waiting to know what eventually happens in the end with the characters which are so miserably trapped in a web which they do not have any idea about. As always, Novoneel Chakraborty has used his typical style of writing where some strange activities keep happening with the protagonist and his closed ones and the reader is unable to comprehend what the real matter is. The good part about this series is that Novoneel has kept the character of culprit hidden throughout and once we get to know who he/she really is, we find it believable and still support him/her. 

To be precise, the climax is worth a wait for the reader who has to finish two books to get to know the real person behind all the killings on the birthday of Saveer Rathod right since he was in school. The narrative is very interesting which does not let you keep the book d own until you know the suspense. The built-up of the story and curiosity is very well done. Being the 2nd book, the challenge for the author was double to keep the book in sync with the first one and still deliver double of it. The author almost achieves this and which is what makes this series one of the recommended books by him. Novoneel knows how to write psychological thriller better than anyone else in India and this is what makes him still the favourite among so many peers and Indian authors. 

With this book, Novoneel has evolved better than all his previous books and comparing this work with the Stranger Trilogy, this one is far ahead than that. Talking about the drawbacks of this book, I would say that there should have been some parallel story showing the lifestyle and timelines of the culprit too to make the audience feel more excited about the villain of the story. This is a normal flow in Novoneel’s story that the main culprit is revealed only in the end so it becomes quite risky for him as a storyteller to assure that reader feels the same churn he expects them to have after knowing the killer. Rest, this book is a perfect page-turner and a wonderful thriller with a fine climax. I give this book 4.25* out of 5. 


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Immortal India by Amish Tripathi (Book Review- 4*/5) !!!

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Taking just the name “Amish Tripathi” is itself self-explanatory and makes you appreciate the revolution and surprise that he brought in the Indian publishing market with his Shiva Trilogy which is still talked as if it got released last week. After publishing 5 fictional mythology books, Amish Tripathi has come out with his first non-fiction work named “Immortal India” which is a short read of less than 200 pages that can be read in a single sitting of less than 6 hours itself. I have been reading Amish Tripathi’s articles as published since his arrival in Indian book industry hence I know his non-fiction writing capabilities and the book wasn’t much a surprise to me. But for the folks who have read only his fiction books will enjoy reading this book by him and appreciate it as much as his fiction books.

Amish Tripathi has shared his newspaper articles, magazine pieces and several speeches that he delivered at best conclaves, debates and public appearances. The best part about all these articles is his straight-forwardness about the issues. Amish Tripathi does not shy away from speaking his mind irrespective of what religion he follows, which political party he endorses and whatever ideologies he believes in.

The book starts with the section- Religion & Mythology in which my favorite articles are about why the author adores Lord Shiva among all the Gods, The Purpose of God, Recasting mythology and the alternate ending of the Shiva trilogy. The next section is about the social issues our country is facing as of now where author has very rightly narrated about how LGBT issue is never said to be criminal in any of our scriptures. Another impactful chapter is about how religious conversion is negative and never churns anything productive out of it. Almost every chapter in this section is unbeatable and the choice of putting them in the book is commendable. The data shared regarding the difference between our country and others tell us about how great we really are and how wrongly we are projected in newspapers.

The section about history is something for which I would like to personally thank Amish Tripathi. He discusses those topics that people aren’t aware about even a bit. The best information for me has been the chapter State vs Centre where author discusses how the decentralized powers are better than a centralized arrangement. And the last section- Musings is the best closure to this non-fictional attempt which brings the readers closer to their favorite author. Overall, this is a wonderful attempt and I would wish to read many more non-fictional works from the author. Amish have stamped his mark even in this genre too. I give this book 4* out of 5. I am not giving it more because the articles are already on the public forum and hence something distinct was also expected from the book. Recommended!



Review: Behen Hogi Teri: A Superb Plot Wasted! **

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“Behen Hogi Teri” is one movie that talked volume through its trailer itself. It had a very promising plot which raised much expectation from the audience in me. The movie starts off well but gets dwindled in the middle itself after the director has finished using all the dialogues and scenes based on the theme where all the girls of your society are termed as your sister from childhood itself. It is funny how the hero of the movie, Rajkummar Rao, is referred as brother of the heroine of the movie throughout and the face that he makes just after it makes you giggle each time. But the plot is stretched too far later on which starts irritating you after some time.

The first half is still delighting to watch whereas second half is about the goof-ups that happens as Gattu, the protagonist of the movie, spreads lies to save him from disaster of letting his and girl’s parents know about their love affair. The dialogues of the movies are brilliant for most of the times and make you relate with it as that is how almost every Indian society act. The movie could have been a laugh-riot but it is just a timepass movie which you can watch after finishing off your whole collection.

The songs are okay. Talking about the performances, Rajkummar Rao is the only player here whom you will remember after the movie rest everyone is forgettable. Shruti Hassan is such a miscast that even though I like her looks I didn’t want her to speak a single sentence as it ruined the essence of the movie each time. Rest all the performances are okay. I give this movie just 2 star out of 5 for being average and not playing to its fullest irrespective of touching a great plot which could have made this movie one of the most popular comedy movie of contemporary times.