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Review: Mr. X: It deserves invisible audience!!! *

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MR. X: 1/5

    There used to be a time when people hated Emraan Hashmi but I liked watching his character-based movies. There was always a story in his movies which was core of the urban lives. And when it came out of Bhatt camp, it was an assurance that it's going to be a very good movie along with few hot scenes because of which family audiences rejected it. But it seems that Emraan Hashmi's jalwa is no more existing in Bollywood lovers as he has been giving back to back flops in last couple of years. Mr. X, with its concept and imagination, could have been a wonderful comeback for him but unfortunately, Mr. X is no Hollow Man and Emraan Hashmi couldn't carry the role the way he should have.     

          In the whole movie, I never found Emraan Hashmi interested in any of its scene. He looks bored and as if he has been strictly asked to do this movie on gunpoint. He is the poster boy because of which people would have seen the movie but after how he has performed, it's sure that the movie is going to be favorite of nobody. Amyra Dastur, the actress, if she is, didn't qualify well to stay in this industry for a long time. She seemed to be so much conscious of camera that every time she performed an important scene, it looked like a failed audition. Her dialogue delivery has been very poor and therefore, even she couldn't save the movie. Similarly, Arunoday Singh. He is playing the villain and does good in few scenes but even he acts as if an audition is on. Summarily, film fails in acting department.

          Vikram Bhatt, the director, must have felt that this is going to be an epic outing when the story would have been on paper. Talking about the 3D part and considering the budget in which this movie is made, it's commendable. There is no complain on this part. But the movie with such plot could have had better script, story and dialogues. The story is what we saw in 70s, 80s, 90s almost regularly and watching the same with bad actors in 2015 isn't a great idea, is it, director sahaab? The only saving point of this movie is its songs. Teri Khushboo and Tu Jo Hai Toh Main Hoon are two songs that will stay in your playlist for a long time. Unfortunately, "You can call me X" keeps echoing in your head even after 12 hours of watching the movie. No cure for this. I give this movie just 1* out of 5. 


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HiFi in Bollywood by Rishi Vohra (Book Review-4.25*/5)!!!

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  I am just done reading Rishi Vohra's 2nd novel "HiFi in Bollywood". Unfortunately, I missed on the first one which was also a hit among masses who love reading urban stories. "HiFi in Bollywood"- the title suggests that it would be the same stuff that people write to narrate how actors sleep together to get better offers, how politics happen between stars, how movies become hits and finally the award is won and the actor senses maturity in the end. But fortunately and surprisingly, this book isn't about any of this. It describes how a boy who is been sent to Berkeley by his father to earn a degree in finance still dreams of becoming a director in Bollywood. Finally he skips his studies and moves to Mumbai without telling his father and starts struggling in Bollywood. 

         This novel is about aspiration and the amount of hurdle one goes through in a city like Mumbai which looks systematic from far away but is too messy when you actually start dealing with it. The book is also about the tensed father-son relationship which is quite common in India where parents decide almost everything for the child till his marriage at the time of his birth itself. The child has no option of choosing any damn decision for himself. The book is very well written by Rishi Vohra in a language that you'll love reading it as fast as possible to know what's next. Rishi knows how to write a page-turner and it's quite evident from this attempt of his. He surely knows how to become favorite among the pulp fiction lovers. I am surely going to have his first book in my hands as soon as possible. I loved the way he build each and every character in the book even without wasting much time in describing their background and situation. That shows the amount of talent the author has.

          Story-wise, this book has a wonderful plot which will surely surprise you at times. Specially in second half and in pre-climax sections. I liked how Rishi Vohra have written certain things about the city without fearing anyone. There are few very well written scenes in the book. Specially the first day of Rayhan on a film set where the whole scenario of how an actor wants to sleep with an actress is narrated. Another great scene is when Rayhan is himself asked to direct the movie and he enters the set. Another great scene is when Rayhan's father is discussed drinking with his friends for the very first time. Such scenes definitely urges you to read more from this author for his brilliance which is quite evident in this book. The character of Peter will remain in my mind for a long time for how he changes his personality once Anil enters the plot. Haha! In all, I give this book 4.25* and will definitely recommend it to all.


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       I wasn't familiar with the word "Net Neutrality" until morning but I thought of reading about it on several websites that have described properly about what it is. I came to know about what consequences we will have to bear once it's violated. After reading and understanding quite about it, I felt like discussing the same with my readers as some of you might not have heard about it. Net Neutrality basically means free speech. It allows you to surf the websites and contents without any restrictions. You are the owner of your data pack plan that you got activated by paying whatever amount your service provider asked for. Some of you might say that this is how I have been surfing from quite a long time so what's new about it or why do we need to discuss it all of a sudden. Well, the tension has accumulated because of new introduction in the plans and the latest request service providers have started making to TRAI.

          Recently, all of you must have heard about something called "Airtel Zero". The service provider, Airtel, introduced this on 6th April, 2015, that few applications would be totally free for everyone either you activate your data plan or not. Many of us must have already planned to switch back to Airtel which was the most sold sim card once. But Airtel, along with this, also said that it will charge extra for few other applications if you use them. The problems of Service Providers is also genuine where they complain about application like Whatsapp almost killing their revenue they generated by SMS. Similarly, Whatsapp have introduced voice calling and applications like Skype, Viber, Facebook Messenger, Google Hangouts etc already delivering VoIP services are also cutting the revenues SPs generated by long-distance calling. Therefore, they want to charge users whenever they use such kind of applications. 

          Now, what you are going to face is: Suppose if you pay Rs. 100 for activating your data pack or 3G connection, it might happen that you would be unable to access anything until you pay more to activate each application separately. So for what you pay between 100-200 now, you will be made to pay near about 800-1200 for the same or even more. It's like currently you pay bill for water supply and use it according to  your choice. The Municipality has nothing to do with how you are using the water. But what if they start charging extra amount for whenever you use it for gardening? Another extra charges for whenever you use it for playing Holi? Then, it's not you who is actually deciding on how to use water but the supplier. Same is the case what Service Providers are wanting from TRAI that's worrying all of us. 

         You would also remember how few service providers had introduced free Wikipedia or Facebook or Twitter. But even surfing any website for free is violation of Net Neutrality. When you aren't ready to pay extra for few applications, you aren't eligible even to use them for free. What happens when SPs give few selected applications for free of cost? Like there was a news that Flipkart is joining hands with Airtel for their Airtel Zero thing. This will lead in fast access whenever you surf Flipkart but slow speed whenever you try to open any other sites like Amazon, Snapdeal etc which are competitors to Flipkart. This will end us in purchasing every time from Flipkart only as other sites will trouble us whenever we'll try to access them. This is the problem that you'll face if you'll rejoice this plan of free access to applications. Along with it, it will also become hard for new small businesses and entrepreneurs to launch their applications and gain customers as they'll never be able to pay the Service Providers and subscribe to get accessed for free by mobile users. 

            Hence, it's necessary for us to protest anti-Net Neutrality laws. 24th April is the last day until which if TRAI does not get enough complaint, they will launch plans like Airtel Zero and others. There are several petitions and sites that are making it easy for you to mail TRAI and send the same format of message which considers all the points that would become troublesome and worrisome for us. Do search for them on Google and execute any of those processes. Lets not allow Service Providers decide what we will access; lets keep that right with ourselves. Here, it's definitely #MyChoice. Haha!