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      I had created the website- Bollywoodism with a dream that I would take it up to the level where everyone who is interested in Bollywood films would check it before any other sources/portals. I also wanted to share news without posting any gossips, rumours or unconfirmed news to maintain its credibility among viewers/readers. After 3 months of working on the website single-handedly, I realized a fact that it won't be easy for me to take it up to the level I want to take it all by myself. Co-incidentally, at the same time, Acme Web Marketing, an online Digital Agency that deals into Driving Traffic to the Website Via E-mail, PPC, SEM, SEO, SMO, Mobile etc, contacted me and asked if I would like to collaborate with them for Bollywoodism

            As I was already looking for a partner, I read about them and immediately signed the agreement. In last 3 days, they worked on the website and revamped it completely. I would, thereby, like to inform all of you that Bollywoodism is launched with its new look this Diwali. All of you are welcome on the website and we would love to hear your feedback. As its Diwali, Acme Web Marketing decided to gift each of its customer with something. Hence, all you have to do is: Open the website In the right column, you will find a box asking you to enter your email address to subscribe for updates. Once you do it, you will receive an email for confirming your subscription, click on the link provided and you are done. Within few hours, you will receive flipkart coupons and vouchers in your email ID which will help you in shopping endlessly this festival season. 

             I would like to thank Acme Web Marketing for their great support and passion for my invention- Bollywoodism. I am sure it will reach heights under their supervision. And people who might have got confused what's my role now; well, I am still the reviewer and writer on the website. It's just that all the other aspects are being handled by the Acme team. That's all.

 Thanks a lot.


Tamanna by Tejeshwar Singh (Book Review: 2.5*/5)!!!

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      I am done reading another book by Fingerprint Publication. "Tamanna" is the 2nd book written by Tejeshwar Singh, an author whom you would mistake for South Superstar, Nagarjuna. The cover page of the book specifies that it's a tale where the boy keeps loving a girl but could not achieve her. After reading the synopsis, you become more clear that the book you are about to start reading is a sad story with a very less probability of having a Happy Ending. 

            Tamanna is based on the extra-marital affair or love happening after the marriage. It's sort of one-sided love story but in a very pure manner. If I would tell you that a book is based on extra-marital affair, you will end up imagining love-making and wild scenes but this book has none. It is based on author's real story and only 10% fiction is added to it. Considering that the book is based on a true story and very less manipulation is made to it, I can only say that it's an honest attempt by Tejeshwar Singh which you would like only if you have gone through something similar. I liked that author didn't overdo anything as it would have seemed to be unacceptable. Imagining,  you will feel that the story must have happened somewhere with someone.

            First half is very slow but easy language makes you read fast and reach 2nd half of it. As soon as the 2nd half begins, you start searching for some twist to occur. Arjun is happily married with Sangini and also have a very beautiful daughter. He sees Tamanna at a common friend's party and falls in love with her. Tamanna is already married to Sanjay and has a child. Both the family becomes friend and they hang out at each other houses every now and then. With every meeting, Arjun's obsession for Tamanna keeps growing. The book, therefore, expresses different emotions that protagonist goes through in this journey of love where he can neither express nor keep it with himself. 

            I wished if this book was written better. It had a story line which is very different from other books that are publishing these days. If author could have fictionalized it a lot more and created a drama out of it, this book could have been something else. Currently, it is very mediocre and even if you miss it, you aren't missing a great piece of work. 2nd half puts some life in the book when Sanjay starts dealing with Arjun on a business deal otherwise the book was stagnant at one point itself. I give this book 2.5 out of 5 and I expect author to read more books before writing his next so that he gets an idea how to fictionalize a real story to make it interesting for the avid readers. 



God Is A Gamer by Ravi Subramanian (Book Review: 4.25*/5)!!!

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Reading Ravi Subramanian’s book are a wonderful experience as he takes you into the world of banking and thriller and does not let you breathe normal once you start. I have been his fan since The Bankster and didn’t miss both the books that released after that. I am just done reading God is a Gamer which comes with a tagline- “Is revenge a crime?” And I tell you, readers, out there:- This is not a typical revenge drama but much more than that. I am astonished with the fact that Ravi comes up with a new plot line every time he writes a book in the genre of thriller. Not even a single sentence can be skipped. That’s the power of his writing. This 310-pages thriller does not let you keep the book aside even for a while. A perfect page-turner it is!

Though like every book of Subramanian, you will find it little hard initially as the events unfold one after another, characters keep getting introduced back to back and terms that you have never read before are the main elements around which the book progresses. But gradually, you will find yourself intrigued in the book so deeply that you will never blink in fear of losing a nanosecond of experience. This is the first book that’s based on bitcoin thriller, as per the synopsis, and therefore, I should applaud author for choosing this topic for writing his new thriller. It has taken 3 years for Ravi to work on this story and write it. And it’s totally worth. 

The real fun of the book starts when Varun takes an entry and changes the whole scenario in which the Indiscape had been working since it got founded. The confidence that Aditya shows in him and the hatred of Sundeep towards Varun equalizes the pace of the story and gives a reader’s heart a chance to beat in its normal speed again. Haha! Malvika’s death and the involvement of Tanya in finding out the reason of her death, later on, the increasing closeness between Varun and Tanya makes the story more interesting and you want to know all of this is going to get spoiled ahead. Because the author does not let his book be a normal read till end. The shuffling of story between Washington, Mumbai, Goa and New York is exceptionally handled. 

The anti-climax is fun to read and I thought that the book is finished just there. But the next chapter made me realize that climax is yet to come and after finishing that particular chapter, I had nothing but lots of appreciation for the author. I just felt Adrian’s part little dis-engaging and uninteresting. Also I wished to see Sundeep in little more active scenario after Varun’s entry in the book. Too many characters with no brief introduction makes it hard to enjoy the story in its initial few pages. But in all, I would say that Ravi Subramanian is just creating competition for himself with each book. He is making his readers expect more from him with every announcement. I give this book 4.25*/5. It deserves to be in your bookshelf. 

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