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1200* BLOGS in 2045 Days with Lakhs of You!!!

1200th BLOG POST -->>

1200th BLOG POST 

     Once again the train goes into the same tunnel that creates nostalgia. Once again it turns towards the path that makes me remember 11 previous occasions when I saw the same greenery throwing pleasant ambiance all over me and others associated. Once again the destination has been touched successfully though a bit late this time. It's a great pleasure finding this portal reach its 1200th Blog Post after almost 2045 days. The current rate of blogging has dropped down to 1 post every 1.70 days. Somewhere my heart says that this is going to drop more in coming months but a passionate writer within me says that I am about to shock these statistics. Haha! Well, I am glad that my readers i.e. my co-passengers stayed with me and didn't leave me alone in this journey where reaching the destination is worth only if you have your buddies and readers along with you. I thank you all from bottom of my heart for always being with this space whenever it has been possible for you.

           There could not have been a better day than Holi to complete my 1200th Blog Post. I wish you all a colorful Holi and I hope your life will always remain joyful and playful like this festival. I am just done watching India defeating West Indies and thus, cementing its spot in the Quarter Finals. Any better day to schedule such a memorable event? :-) Writing blog has been a wonderful experience and I have always continued it even when there has been ups and down in my personal life. The way it makes me forget all the unpleasant experiences and march towards expressing the positivism I have somewhere in my subconscious mind gives a sense of spirituality and make me feel better about myself. Any interaction that I have with my readers allows me to believe that there are few souls who would be affected if I cease following my passion. 

            I have always seen great comments under the blog posts of my blogger friends. But when I open my blogging email ID and I find so many mixed reviews on my work, I somewhere feel better. I have stopped moderating comments as I find happiness in reading such comments and keeping it with myself. I paste the ones which ignites something within me in a Word file and read it whenever I start feeling uselessness about my existence. I imagine my life without Blog and the few readers I have generated through it sometimes. I only find myself depressed, sad, alone, lazy and purposeless. I find myself among one of those students who waste all their productive years in surfing Facebook, reading tweets, chatting on Whatsapp and clicking selfies for Instagram. And that's so intolerable to me! Hence, a desire to take this blog towards the last breathe of mine gets triggered again.

          Readers often complain about how I have moved more towards book and movie reviewing and less towards writing about the topics they loved reading. I understand the irritation. But I had changed my purpose of blogging the day I found the kind of knowledge and life books give to me. I wanted to tell as many people as possible about the benefits of reading and therefore I started speaking about the books I read so that people would pick the ones of their taste. Therefore, the story of book reviewing came into the picture and the overview of Blog changed. But even I have started feeling that it's a long time now. It's almost more than 250 books I have reviewed and I love the way authors, publishers, bloggers, book reviewers and readers appreciate them. Now I feel I should come back to what I loved- writing general topics, fictions and my opinions on the topics I feel matters for the people of my age along with the book reviews. 

         For last 2-3 centuries, the passion of reading beat the passion of writing in me. Somewhere I also started believing that I need to read a more to write better than before. And I think it's a long time and I should begin writing again to grab your criticisms and improve more. I had great ideas in my mind to write time and again but I controlled from writing them as I felt there wasn't much impact in those write-ups I was planning to scribble. I am still unsure about whatever I have planned to write in future but I want to get back to what made general surfers become my regular readers. Somewhere I am disappointing you along with me. And I can't afford to cheat my readers who joined me for something and are getting a totally opposite view of what I promised to deliver. It's time for some revolutions here too like it happened in Delhi few weeks ago. :-) 

          It's 2045th Day i.e. more than 5 and a half years of running this space. The last century has taken more than 250 days and I am somewhere guilty about the same. The track through which personal life was struggling was hard to change and connect with my writing soul. A disturbed mind can only result in disturbed thoughts and thus clueless writings. Hence, I purposely took time to get myself back properly. Finally, the jinx is broken and I have managed to reach the much postponed 1200th post. From here, I will look towards the next landmark positively and will like to reach it with flying colors. I was very ashamed of bringing my blog to such level hence like every time, I didn't invite people on Facebook to come and read my 1200th post as I want this to pass like just another blog post as I am expecting remarkable changes in my blogging style in near future. Let's see if I would be able to execute the same or not. 

         Once again, I bow and thank each one of you reading this post. Because the ones reading this are truly the best readers I have because it's the hardest time in my Blogging journey. And we have often heard, the ones who stays with us in bad times are the ones we should always keep near us. I respect every reader I have and I swear I always promise myself to never cheat you because I have a portal which can be paid for doing stuffs you and I would not be believing in. I manage to avoid such offers and persist this affair to be pure and true like it always was. There's a bad side in everyone like even Virat Kohli has but I try not to affect my blogging due to it like even he doesn't let his batting get affected. You must have seen how hard I have tried to compare myself with him that I have made a fool out of myself in the end of this post. Haha! But that's the fun in talking on my blog as there's no limitations and formalities. Thanks for giving me this liberty. Love you all!

 Marching ahead towards next century..

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Bad Romance by Harshita Srivastava (Book Review-3.75*/5)!!!

1199th BLOG POST -->>

      After reading few mediocre-quality books, the latest book of Harshita Srivastava named "Bad Romance" came like a breathe of fresh air. The tagline of the book says "Love, Lies and Betrayals". The cover page of the book is very soothing. Though the title seems to be cliche but after reading the book, you will understand why it is named so and how it is better than other romantic stories being published by Indian authors. I am stunned by the quality of the story written by Harshita at this age. Reading this book has been a wonderful experience and it is one of the most special books I have read recently. I found a touch of Durjoy Datta and Preeti Shenoy's writing in Harshita's Bad Romance. I haven't read her first book but after this, I am looking forward to her future works.    

         A very simple character based story tells about different emotions a girl goes through in a relationship where she isn't treated like a princess as every girl dreams. But for the sake of love, she is quiet and keeps suffering all the tortures. Suddenly, she starts getting attracted towards her best friend and finds herself sharing some wonderful quality moments with him. Both of them decides to come together but yet again she finds challenges coming in this new relationship. She is still together with her first boyfriend and this makes the whole thing more complicated for her. And then comes a twist which changes every thing in her life and she takes a step that not every girl in India would possibly take. 

          Such a beautiful and complex character-based story is written in a very easy and good language. You will find each and every word placed at the right spot which makes your reading journey more special. The command that the authoress have on the language is commendable. She makes you feel the journey of the protagonist as if it is your own tale. At different moments, even you want to meet her boyfriend and beat the hell out of him. You feel bad when she starts failing in her new relationship too. The best part about the book is that author have kept conversations as less as possible and narration as much as possible. The climax makes you weep strongly and I wanted Harshita to write more to make us know what happened later in the story. After turning the last page, "Waah!" came out of my mouth unknowingly and that speaks a lot about the kind of book this is. I feel like personally meeting the author and telling her how beautiful her writing is. It is that kind of a work. I give the book 3.75* out of 5. Recommended!



Review: Badlapur: The best performance of Varun Dhawan!

1198th BLOG POST -->>


      Badlapur has been watched and what a terrific movie it is! I was interested in it since I watched its trailer and saw Varun Dhawan in a totally different avatar but still I was bit doubtful about his ability to perform such a challenging character. But after watching the movie, I am very much impressed with what he did with every scene and dialogue of it. The greatness about his acting has been its different shades. He has been able to make us feel romantic, loving along with that he is also successful in making us cry with him. And the way he scares us whenever he goes off to take the revenge is the best part about his acting in Badlapur. I just couldn't believe that this is the same person I saw in Main Tera Hero and Humpty Sharma ki Dulhania. With this movie, all the 4 movies he has acted in has been declared hits. Wonderful record to start one's Bollywood career.

         Another great performance this movie delivers is of Nawazuddin Siddique's. I think he has little more screen time than Varun and he truly justifies whatever minute he is on the screen. All the great dialogues of the movie are given to him and he makes you laugh every time he is on the mission to do something. Some of the best scenes come in the jail premises where he is been bullied by another criminal. The way he replies him is one of the best funny scenes this movie gives us. Similarly, his chemistry with Huma Qureshi is another greatness of the movie. Both of them compliment each other very well on the screen. Huma Qureshi is another surprise package. The role of sex worker that she plays is the most raunchy till date. That scene between Varun and her tells us that she has justified the role very well. No other actress would have even agreed for that scene which she executed very well. Also, she looks beautiful in every scene. 

           Vinay Pathak and Radhika Apte are other great performers in the movie who have portrayed their characters which are always tensed and worried. Especially, Radhika Apte is mind-blowing in all the scenes. Divya Dutta is beyond perfectness. As always, she steals the show whenever she is on the screen. 

           Director has surely given us a very enthusiastic thrilling movie which is quite distinct and artistic. The revenge story is showcased in a new packet for sure. It's not like other revenges that we have recently seen in Bollywood that gets over with few fighting scenes and a single dialogue being repeated 10 times on the silver screen. This movie shows a bit closeness to reality when we find a person waiting for 15 years to take the revenge and doing the things that are quite possible to do. We have been hearing the issues in Savdhan India, Crime Patrol etc from years. The best scene was the one when Varun Dhawan covers the whole bedroom with plastic sheets and commits a crime. That scene gave me goosebumps.

          In all, Badlapur is a movie that has to be seen for its no-nonsense approach. Director, Sriram Raghavan, has surely washed off all his sins of Agent Vinod with this one. Haha! The only thing that affected me was a bit slow pace in the between. And a little bit of dialogue delivery issue with Varun Dhawan in some of the scenes. Otherwise, Badlapur is a movie that shouldn't be missed. I give it 3.5 stars out of 5.