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Last Year of College Begins....

1121st BLOG POST -->>

  What a bad day it has been after waking up last night for Football World Cup! The worst happened when Argentina whom I was backing up lost and as conclusion, the mood spoiled and I knew that I am not going to like the day that's about to begin in few hours. But there's not much you can do when it's first day of your college for that academic year. The 3rd year of MCA begins today and with that begins my last year of academic studies. Somewhere down the heart, I am very sad that I have grown adult and will have to leave college in few months. Internship would start by January, 2015 hence these are the only few months I have to feel college as home and make out most of it. 

           But when you are in your Final year, you are treated as someone who has already retired and the only job that remains for us is- Just attend the functions organized by 2nd year with support of 1st year students. You can just sit and watch what's happening in college than putting your leg forward and asking to change the leads and give your inputs. I love to be in the team that does than the team that only attends. Hence it becomes hard for me to realize that officially, the exciting days of college has ended. But am I looking forward to new things? Yes, for sure. Now it's time to be with my classmates, the college, the infrastructure, the canteen and the faculties for the very last time. After few weeks, all shall be history and it will only create nostalgia when I would be watching typical Bollywood movies. :-)

           An institution always remains with you till your last breathe. It's time to build my resume and hence all the institutions including schools, colleges and classes would be mentioned in it. Even if I would be wanting to ignore any of them considering bad moments with them, I can't. Similarly, this institute have taught me many things. If my Graduation college taught me to stand up, this college taught me to handle myself after standing up. The maturity that I was willing to have from a long time was given to me by this college. There are many experiences that I had which still energizes me when I am down. The last 2 years has been the period that evolved me as a challenger and one who can do things without nervousness which he has never ever tried before. This is how much important this institution is for me.

           Now as 5th Semester starts and there are many more hard and tough subjects to study and understand, I am again preparing myself to stand against the strong breeze of these hardships. And I know I shall overcome even this phase the way I have passed last 2 years. The environment at college does it for you. It makes you realize how important it is to get back to work before it's too late to even regret. The result for 2nd year might come any time, there are number of parties and functions that would happen in college and by the end, there would be enough journals and projects to be submitted. It's time to pull my socks and give my best to the last year of my studies too. And end my College Life on a better note that will result in good start at the organization I would be entering as a Fresher. :-) 


Sunday, 13 July 2014 | By: AbhiLaSH RuHeLa

My Interviews with Shubh Blog and Newsoholic!

1120th BLOG POST -->>

           I don't know if I deserve or not but my Blog has made some people believe that I am someone who can be interviewed. I don't know how and why. :-) Recently, two of my Interviews has been published on two different websites which I would like to share with all of you. 

            The first one has been with Shubh Blog team which was been taken in November, 2013 though it's published now in July 2014. 

          The another one has been taken by Suyash Karangutkar for the platform- Newsoholic. This has been one of the most articulately presented interviews I have read. Also it was a nice talking session with the interviewer.

             Kindly read both of them and please do tell me what you feel about my answers. Have I been impressive or not? :-) Haha!



EX...a twisted love story by Novoneel Chakraborty (Book Review:3.75*/5)!!!

1119th BLOG POST -->>

        Novoneel Chakraborty came out with his 4th book, "EX- a twisted love story" on 7th October, 2013. I have finally read it today and I regret that I didn't read it for all these months that the book was in my shelf. The sole reason for postponing this book was its title "EX". I thought it's going to be that typical love story where the protagonist would get confused if he should go back to his ex-partner or move ahead in life and will eventually end up being with the EX. But now when I am done reading this, I am shocked to find that the book belongs to psychological-romantic-revenge thriller. And the author also claims it to be inspired by a true story. If it is, I must say that the book is written very well and holds you right from the beginning to the end.

          It's not easy to write about certain topics keeping Indian readers in mind but it's great that Novoneel managed to show guts by publishing this story. It has all the elements that will surprise and shock you with each page. The suspense has been kept very wonderfully throughout the book that does not make you predict what the climax will be. I had 3-4 versions of my own climax while I was reading the book but the way it has ended has surprised me. Definitely, Novoneel has hit the jackpot with this genre. His writing style has just improved immensely if you compare him with his previous books though they were masterpieces themselves. The way two stories are narrated alternatively is what makes you define Novoneel as a writer who has command on his thoughts and knows how to put in on paper that could manage his readers stay for all the pages that they will turn while reading. 

      The character of Neel is treated very well in spite of it being so dramatic at times. The way he has been defined initially is what makes his character so special for the rest of the book. The description of Jaipur Lit Fest is exciting and interests you as soon as you have just begun with the story. Managing to write about the character of Titiksha would have been another challenge for the author as she has so much wicked things about her to be discussed without making the writer look ugly and dirty with his thoughts. The only drawback that I felt at times while reading the book was its speed. Too much time has been consumed in explaining the nature of the protagonists. It's just the suspense that does not let you put the book aside but I wish the book could have been 50-pages thinner. I wish to give it 4 but I would cut .25 for stretching the story. So it's 3.75/5. This is the 4th time when Novoneel Chakraborty gets the same rating from me. :-)