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You have a ROLE to PLAY in KALYUG!!!

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       I received a wonderful message on my Whatsapp yesterday. I generally don't read the forwarded messages that I receive but somehow this message attracted me towards it. Sometimes it happens that some things happen for you. According to the message, there are four yugas that are accepted in Hinduism. 
1. Satya Yug

     In Satya Yug, it is said that the fight was between two worlds- Devalok and Asuralok where Devalok played good and Asuralok played evil. Both Devalok and Asuralok were two different WORLD. Eventually, Devalok, the good, won.

2. Treta Yug

         Ramayana is a story that 's based in this yug. Here, the fight was between Lord Rama and Ravana where Rama was good and Ravana was evil. Both were rulers of two different COUNTRIES. At last, we know who conquered the victory.

3. Dwapara Yug

           In Dwapara Yug, the fight was between Pandavas and Kauravas. Here, Pandavas were the good and Kauravas were evils. Here, both good and evil were from the SAME FAMILY.

           As you must have observed, the distance between Good and Evil is only getting smaller with time- from two different world to two different countries to almost in the same family. The 4th Yug is Kalyug which is the current time in which we are living. Where's the evil now? In our friends? No. In our teachers? No. In our parents? No. In our siblings? No. The good and evil- both are within us now. The fight is between the good and evil in us. It's upon us to decide what we allow to win- The Good or The Evil. The competition and stress in all the Yugas have been the same so there is no assumption that today is the world of competition hence we do not have liberty to chose the good within us. 

          Who is a criminal? The criminal is the one who lets the evil inside him win over the good which is also present inside himself. He couldn't realize the good within him because of immaturity and traits that shouldn't be the part of one's identity. It takes a normal man to turn rapist in just 5-10 minutes. These 10 minutes where he could have let his goodness represent himself, he chose to let his evil in form of lust conquer himself. And that leads him to jail for life. Are other men not roaming with women alone? Does other men do not find themselves enclosed in a room sometimes where they have a lady with them? Why don't they rape? Are those men unable to see the legs below skirts and cleavage above the top? But they do not let their evil win against their good. 

          Similarly, the thief let their greed win against the contentedness. The murderer let his anger win against the silence. The abuser lets his foul language win over his good vocabulary. All the traits such as jealousy, anger, greed, lust, pride etc should not be given a chance to win against the traits of silence, satisfaction, contentedness, kindness, helpfulness, obedience, discipline, punctuality etc. Kalyug is seeing only crimes and growing number of criminals just because the fight is within us and people are surrendering their goodness in the hands of evilness. If this is how it continues, we are going to kill ourselves soon and face the consequences later on.

           Today, human is scared of human. We are unable to trust a stranger because we do not know if he is supporting the good or evil inside him. Let's focus only towards the good traits God have given us and stop claiming that it's our personality since childhood hence nothing can be done. Everything is possible. If Goodness have experienced victory in every Yugas, it is definitely possible even in Kalyuga as we have ourselves as opponent and we know how good we are. So let's start being kind and throw away all the traits which is making us evil even for a single person around us. Let's not cause pain in anyone's life because of our decision of walking a small path of evilness. Do meditation. Do Yoga. Go for running alone. Sit in garden. Enjoy rains. Engage yourself in your hobby. Do whatever that brings out the good within you and purify this world with your goodness. :-)


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Why Monsoon is considered romantic?

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        Monsoon in Mumbai have arrived as if it was given some deadline to pour a huge amount of water in as less time as possible. I remember last year, we were waiting for proper rains even when 15 days passed from the day it was projected to rain. And this year, it has not stopped since it started pouring. 4 days back, Mumbai came to a halt when people couldn't go to office and all the schools were announced to give holiday. The trains weren't running and people got scared as they saw a glimpse of that tragic 26th July when Mumbai surrendered in the hands of rains. But before rain took its wild form 4 days back, all of us were actually enjoying the monsoon because it came after 3 months of extreme summer and heat which almost burnt our bodies. It became hard to imagine ourselves without sweat. And suddenly this downpour have made the whole ambiance and environment cold, breezy and  ideal.

              Though winter is also another season which we love except the bathing part but still monsoon remains favorite of everyone even when potholes and mismanagement of municipal corporations make it hard for us to even walk. What makes monsoon everyone's favorite?

             Monsoon arrives mainly during the second half of the year. This is the same time when you join a new college. This is also the same time when you get placed somewhere and you begin your job. This is also the same time when India's biggest festivals are celebrated and you either visit some relative's place or a friend's place for the celebrations. I am a boy and therefore I will write from a boy's point of view. When you join a new college, you expect a girl to come in your life so that you live a committed life for next 3-4 years rather than being recluse and odd man out. Similarly if you have been single throughout your life and start a new job and find someone sitting at the adjacent cubicle, you start dreaming of getting the person as soon as possible. :-)

            It takes some 1-2-3 months and finally you find yourself committed if you play a proper game of Splitsvilla. By the time you get committed, its July-August-September. Therefore, wherever you go for your date, trips or walk, rain follows you. It makes the whole meaning of your life during that time romantic. You listen to romantic songs and try falling more in love. You appreciate the arrival of a new sweet person in your life. Also you appreciate the new life you are in. College or job makes you learn new things and give you new set of people who also share their first conversations with you during this season. 

        And suppose if you have been unavailable to find a partner for yourself, the festivals that comes back to back during monsoon makes you visit new places for celebration where you might find someone and your story begins then. This is the main purpose why monsoon is always related with romance, love and trips. And because there is nothing more blind and surrendering than loving and romancing, people wait for monsoon to begin a new story. Or monsoon makes them remember all those beautiful days when they walked with someone hand in hand and those few kisses that changed the life's momentum. Sometimes its tragic but mostly the life story in monsoon is lovely, beautiful and worth remembering every now and then. And these are the stories that you can't share with anyone because they can never understand the amount of space those moments have filled in your life. :-) 

          God Bless Monsoon And Lets Hope That It Never Takes a Dangerous Face And Always Remains To Be The Beautiful Season That It Is!



Review: ABCD 2: Kudos to Remo's Direction !!! ***

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ABCD 2: 3/5

  I haven't watched the first part- ABCD even when I wanted to watch it. The only thing that kept me away from that movie was the acting skill of the dancers that Remo had cast as actors. In the promos itself, I found the acting quite funny and therefore I didn't find the movie enough deserving to spend my 200 bucks on. I had the plan to drop this movie from my watching list even this time but the kind of opening it got in spite of heavy rains made me watch it yesterday. I must say considering that the movie is based upon dance, it is very well made and for a person who loves dancing, this movie will always be in his smartphone so that he can refer to few steps that are really impressive.            

           But I have this basic problem with the concept of the movie. They say that Anybody can dance but in the film, they show nothing from this angle. They show that only great dancers form a team and get selected in different rounds of a world-level competition. It could have been great if they would have shown how people who aren't dancer meets some great dancers and match their steps with them. Well anyways, the film wanted to show how dance is the integral part of few people's life and it is clearly delivered to the audiences. I was comparing it with Happy New Year as it was also based upon the same concept except the stealing part. And while doing that, I found ABCD 2 a much better story and execution than HNY.

            In terms of direction, Remo have done it perfectly and it shows in every scene even if it does not dance in it. He have used every element to make this movie entertaining and lovable. The small twist that he adds with the character of Prabhu Deva is also a nice addition. I also liked how he didn't add too much of romance and related angle in the movie but still made the audience know that Varun and Shraddha are lovers in the movie. The way he have used locations and props makes it a spectacular visual for you and you wish to see some more of them. 

           Varun Dhawan and Shraddha Kapoor have done wonderful acting. Even though they aren't dancers, they didn't look like normal actors. It seemed as if they are professionals themselves. Dharmesh, Coakroach(don't know his real name) and Puneet are other performers who make their way for themselves in the movie. Tisca Chopra is amazing in that one cameo. Surprisingly, for me the weakest person in the movie has been Prabhu Deva. His acting is unimpressive and boring. Except in emotional scenes, every time he tries to do something, it looks fake. Not even once will you feel that he is in a character and trying to play someone. He looks quite bored and lazy through out the movie. Rest, the climax scene did it for me and the way it is executed, it makes me believe that Remo is going to come with greater movies in future. Looking forward to them. 3 stars from my side.