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Review: Tanu Weds Manu Returns: A Well-scripted Laugh-riot with perfect emotions! ****

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    I am one of the biggest fans of the movie- Tanu Weds Manu. I enjoyed watching it thoroughly and it was a very different kind of cinema according to me. Anand L Rai was in my list since then. I got disappointed with Raanjhanaa that he made next. Then as soon as I saw the first poster of Tanu Weds Manu Returns, I was definitely waiting for this movie but I was very skeptic as I assumed director must have over done this double role thing in arrogance of two recent successes. But now after returning from the First Day First Show, I am once again delighted with the work director have presented. The way he has used all the resources he had makes this movie one of the superb attempts of this year. A perfect family entertainer with not only fun but story too. I liked how he made a sequel of a movie which had ended quite perfectly in its first part by giving the plot a totally new face. 

          The best part about Tanu Weds Manu Returns is its second half which gets better than the first. The only dragging point which comes in the movie is when the kidnapping thing happens otherwise everything is entertaining. Director haven't taken much time in describing anything and keeps everything pacy and fast which makes you happy that you are watching a movie that is trying to show you so many things. The intermission comes at a very wonderful time and you die to watch the 2nd half. Though knowing the nerves of our Bollywood directors, we know what would happen in the climax but still director keeps the whole suspense till the end. There are few scenes to which director have given more screen time and they are made quite artistically. E.g. The first scene in mental asylum and the song Bewafa in which Kangana roams on the road alone at midnight hours.

            Coming to the performances and talking first about no one other than KANGANA RANAUT, she is an actress like no one else in Bollywood. She acts and connects with you just as actors like Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar. You start considering her as your own friend right from the first scene. Here, she playes two characters of Tanu and Kusum and how brilliant she is! Two looks, two accents, two body language, two smiles, two crying styles, two approach in acting- Only a perfect actor could have executed the same and KANGANA RANAUT is the QUEEN as we know. She did it so amazingly that you just get carried away with her performances. Even if there are few flaws in the movie, it gets overshadowed with this actress's presence on the big screen. She is the epic of this era of Bollywood. Kudos, Kangana. 

             R Madhavan is as usually brilliant in his performance. Even when he knew that he would be overshadowed by Kangana Ranaut in this movie, he chose to do it and he assures that you remember him as much as Kangana after getting out of theater. Deepak Dobriyal gives you many funny moments but sometimes, he seems to have overdone the scene which does not create the laughter moment. Jimmy Shergill is in a very different tone in this movie than the first part. He isn't violent but has many dialogues that will make you laugh like mad. Mohd. Zeeshan Ayyub, Swara Bhaskar, Eijaz Khan and all the other supporting actors have performed their role well. 

          Summarily, Tanu Weds Manu Returns is as better as its first part and a little more better than that. It's a perfect family entertainer and you will enjoy watching it a lot. Not many Bollywood movies with such values are made these days so do not miss it if you love simple family films. Kangana Ranaut is a straight winner here and even the director, Anand L Rai. I give this movie 4 stars because it kept me hooked and I can watch it again and again. If a movie has repeat value these days, it certainly deserves 4 stars. I know I have little overrated it but Kangana Ranaut has compelled me to do the same. :-) 


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The Murder of Sonia Raikkonen by Salil Desai (Book Review-3.75*/5) !!!

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        There are not many writers who try thriller or crime thriller in India. I have majorly liked Ravi Subramanian and Ashwin Sanghi in this genre. Even picking up a new author brings huge amount of skepticism as you are scared if they would have treated the word called "Thriller" as one. Somehow I got my hands upon Salil Desai's "The Murder of Sonia Raikkonen- The 2nd book in the "An Inspector Saralkar Mystery" series. I haven't read the first one but the 2nd book is a great attempt of 335-pages by Salil Desai. It keeps you hooked until end. On the name of thriller, he has actually thrilled his audiences with his great talent of story telling. FingerPrint publishers are definitely playing big in the literary industry of India. The kind of work they are publishing is definitely at par with the quality published by bigger players like Penguin and Random House. 

           Salil Desai uses easy words to tell this story of how a girl is murdered and the culprit has to be found. He uses pacy language and wonderful narration to keep you hooked to the book. I read 50 pages daily just because I was enjoying the thriller so much that I wanted to be in it for a longer amount of time. This whole week I was only thinking about all the characters mentioned in the book and predicting who might be the killer. Another greatness that Desai have handled is the number of characters in the book. The names chosen for each of them makes it easy for you to identify them whenever they are mentioned after a long break. This is where many authors fail while writing a book with lots of characters. 

           I also liked the way book mentions the background of Saralkar and his chemistry with his wife. Similarly, another approach that makes this book a single-sitting stuff is the author's propaganda of leaving a scene in the midst itself and starting to discuss another sub-plot. You want to read it more fast after this to know what happened after that dialogue which a specific character had spoken. I liked this book mostly because writer didn't waste time in describing how work takes place in a Police station and thus boring his audience. Saralkar, Salunkhe and Motkar accompanied by others are always on their toes working on something rather than discussing FIR and several sections under which they should charge the culprit. 

           Coming to the drawbacks- I didn't like the climax as I had very high expectations. In the first 25 pages itself, the first person that you predict as the murderer of Sonia is the one who's actually is. This is where the author failed. I was expecting something that will make me jump off my seat but nothing of this sort took place. I was also waiting to read what finally happens with Saralkar and his wife's argument on a topic but even that's closed abruptly. Also, Sonia's cousin's role could have been used more significantly but it's just another special appearance in the book. I was with 4.5* for the first 2/3rd part of the book but because anti-climax and climax just didn't take this book to another level, I am going with 3.75*. I wish I could give it 4 but climax is the biggest drawback here and when we talk about thrillers, climax is what fetches you marks. 


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Deepanshu Saini: "Expect motivational and mythological books from me as well" (Interview) !!!

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        Deepanshu Saini released his first book last year and he is already a writer with 2 books in his kitty. I had a wonderful opportunity to take his interview and I loved his straight forward answers. He doesn't shy away in speaking what other authors sometimes hide to pretend themselves as a bestseller. Do read this interview to find out what he says regarding his writing experience. 

1. How has been your experience as a Writer from last one year, Deepanshu? What changes have you observed in life since getting this special tag?

Ans. Well, if you ask about my experience as a writer, it is a little longer than one year because I am a writer since my childhood. I wrote short stories & novels, one of which get published last year which has been a roller coaster ride indeed. However, it is always a pleasure to sit with my laptop and see my thoughts swiftly flowing on the keyboard whose outcome is an interesting story.
As far as changes are concerned, nothing much has been changed so far apart from self-confidence and mental satisfaction. Yeah it truly boast my confidence and urge for writing when people compliment my work. This is just a baby step towards my dream, there’s lots more to come.

2. When did you find that you have a writer in you? And from when you started writing seriously?

Ans. You won’t believe but it was by accident. I am talking about almost 15 years back when I attempted to write a story for my younger sister titled as “Sapne Bachpan ke” and that to be published in school magazine. It was the time when I discovered that there is some hidden spark of writing in me. Since then I never stopped writing. After that I wrote many poetries for my friends on their birthdays in school and college, most of which were praised. Certainly, my writing has matured a lot with time and wisdom. The inner peace I felt while writing and feedback of my readers kept me motivated for writing and by the time it has become my burning desire from barely a hobby.

3. Who was the first person who read your first piece of writing?

Ans. As I told you, first time I wrote something in my life was a story for school magazine on behalf of my sister. It was read by her class teacher. I never thought she would ever agree to submit that story for the school’s magazine but to my surprise it was selected and published.

4. Tell us something about your first novel- Girl’s Hostel? How did you manage to write such an erotic novel as your first release?

Ans. There is an interesting story behind the foundation of my first novel, Girls Hostel: Unspoken Memories. I never understand why most of the boys usually wonder what’s going on behind the walls of girl’s hostel. To some of my friends of same category in the college I mockingly said that I will write a novel on Girls Hostel someday. And by God’s grace, here is my first baby Girls Hostel: Unspoken Memories for all the world.
Apart from just an erotic novel, Girls Hostel is also a story of love, friendship, trust, relationships, ragging, attraction and seduction. It is a story of 5 girls from different states of India, of different backgrounds and nature and spent 3 years of their life together in a girl’s hostel. This book is a bouquet of memories from the best time of your life i.e. “College Life”. Everyone, who is in the college or ever been in college shall connect to the story whether it’s a girl or a boy. 

5. How did it occur to you that you are writing this one along with your wife, Vinita Gupta?

Ans. I need a girl’s point of view for this subject and someone to share my thoughts with. Gradually, she started showing interest in the story by sharing her college incidents and this is how she became the co-author of Girl’s Hostel: Unspoken Memories. She had perused her graduation from a girl’s college of DU. This is her first experience of writing.

6. Tell us something about your 2nd and latest novel- By the Mountains. How a sudden transformation as a writer considering the plot of both the books?

Ans. My second novel ‘By the Mountains: Love reloaded’ is a story of trekking in the middle Himalayan range upto 13500 ft. and in the midst of breath taking beauty of mountains, germinates love between Dhruv and Anjali. This one is very special to me as it is inspired by my true story where I found the love of my life and am married to her right now.
If I talk about sudden transformation in the plots of both the books, well it’s not so sudden as I always try to diversify my writing and my next novel shall be different from these two. One can expect motivational and mythological books from me as well. 

7. What is the next novel that you are working upon? Can you throw a light upon it for us?

Ans. As I mentioned my next novel shall be different from these two. It is a mature story of not so mature Maharashtrian girl and about the intense relationships with an eye opening climax. This book shall change the view of readers about all their relations in life and set a new definition of trust, love and sacrifice.

8. Will we ever see you and your wife again co-authoring a book?

Ans. Sure.

9. How has been your relation with Omji Publishers as both your books are released by them?

Ans. Omji Publishers being a milestone in my life has given me the platform to showcase my talent and enabled me to take roots as an author. I extend my heartiest gratitude to Omji Publishers for always being so supportive and encouraging during various circumstances of my professional career.

10. Any words for your fans who have picked either of your two books?

Ans. I feel there is a long way to go to title my readers as my fans because that would be when readers shall pick up a novel because of the writer instead of a title.
But for now, I would like to thank all my readers to select and devote their time for reading my books. I hope you had a great time. As I mentioned earlier, I shall be writing many more books on various genres and would hope you would keep on bestow your love as always.